The Rehearsal

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The rehearsal was in the event room at our building, 11 St. Joseph. This fine suite features a kitchen, a large dining table, and a room with sofas, chairs, and a pool table. I will not go off on an architectural rant/song of praise as I did with the wedding venue, though it is a nice, new room in a nice, new building; very tasteful and very practical.

Catering was by my Mom with help from Sam's warehouse. The dinner featured Mom's excellent poached salmon, roast beef, a selection of salads, cheese and crackers, and many shrimp cocktail rings, a personal favorite of mine. We had a nice cake too. It was all very tasty. Thanks, Mom!!

The officiant wasn't present, so best man/little bro Joe played the role. We came up with an unusual but appropriate way to do the processional:

Dad --- Dad
Mom --- Mom
Groomsman --- Bridesmaid
Groomsman --- Bridesmaid
Groomsman --- Bridesmaid
Groom --- Bride

Moms and Dads were grouped separately because, while Marilyn and George are very happily married, Margot and Natale are very happily divorced. Bryan and I decided to walk out together because his outfit was just as nice as mine, and we'd been merrily living together for over a year. Ditto no veil and no "giving away." I moved out of Mom's house and into the big, bad world many, many years ago.