Others Arrive

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Let's take a walk down memory lane. My mom, my dad and my brother Joe all played roles in the wedding. Mom and Dad did readings, and Joe was the best man.

Here are Mom, me, Joe, Grandma and Grandpa in 1979.

Here's dad and me in 1986 (I think).

And here we are now.

Here are mom and me in 1972. I love this picture!

And here we are now.

Aunt Alice, thank you for flying in from Minnesota. It was wonderful to see you, and again, I wish we could have spent some time together while you were in town.

Here's Alice at the wedding, in the dress Grandma was going to wear.

We were privileged to have some of our oldest and dearest friends drive hundreds or fly thousands of miles to attend the wedding. Thank you!

The groomsmen were Bryan's friends from high school. I am trying to get my hands on an embarrassing old picture, but haven't been able to yet.

Karena is a friend of mine from high school. She still lives in Michigan. She, Lucia and I used to go camping almost every summer at the Pinery when we were in our early twenties. Those were great times!

Here are Lucia, Karena and me on the beach!

and here we are at the wedding

For many years, Karena lived in Grosse Pointe and kept us up to date on the lives of our high school classmates. Karena was kind enough to serve as a bridesmaid, and she made the beautiful needlepoint of the invitation. Thank you so much, Karena! Lucia and her husband Richard flew all the way from California to attend the wedding. It was wonderful to see you, and I wish we could have spend more time together while you were here!

Garima and I met when we were both working as drafters at Robert Darvas Associates in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We were at the University of Michigan School of Architecture at the same time. We used to go to 2 aerobics classes in a row on Saturday mornings, then head over to Amer's for delicious omelets, spicy potatoes, and juicy gossip. A few years ago, my partner at the time Allan, and I flew to San Francisco for Garima's wedding to Robert. Their daughter Pia was the flower girl at our wedding. They live in Austin, Texas now. Thanks so much for being in the wedding party, Garima!

Here are Garima, Robert and Garima's parents at her wedding

Kim, also a bridesmaid, is my good friend from engineering school at Wayne State. We met in Calculus IV, did a project together in the fabulous sewer design class (we didn't learn shit. har, har.), and are just two of a kind. We're known for talking for hours on the phone because neither one of us can shut up! I couldn't find a picture of Kim and me from engineering school, but here's one of Dawn, a good WSU engineer friend of ours, and me at Kim's wedding to Heath. (Wish you could have made it, Dawn! Come visit us in Toronto some time.) Kim's little boy Kaleb was the pageboy. Isn't he adorable in his little kilt? Thanks, Kim!

And here's one of Kim and me at breakfast on the wedding day.

Jeff was my best friend in middle school and high school. We were like brother and sister. He and his partner Walter flew in from Paris. This is Jeff, Jeff's little sister Erin, and Joe, my little brother and the best man in the wedding. I wish Erin could have made it!

Here we are at the wedding with Karena and Lucia.

Some very dear friends of the family drove in from Detroit. This is Adrian and his mother Lou. Adrian was like a second dad to my brother and me. He and my mom met when he was a graduate student at Wayne State. Today, he's a political science professor.

Here's Adrian, Mom and me in, I think, 1984.

And, here's Adrian at the wedding

I'd also like to thank Diana and Ralph, good friends of my mom's, whose son I used to babysit. Diana was wonderfully helpful putting together the engagement party, especially the flowers. Thank you, Diana!

People Who Couldn't Attend

We wish that Francis and Norman could have made it, but thank you, Francis, for sending the beautiful antique Victorian handkerchief.

We were very sad that my mom's parents couldn't fly in from Minnesota due to health issues. I love you, Grandma and Grandpa.

Grandma passed away unexpected on Sunday, November 20, 2005 after 84 healthy, happy and active years. It was a shock, as Grandma did not slow down physically or mentally until her last week of life (Way to go, Grandma!) We all miss you.

This is Grandma and Grandpa in 2000 or thereabouts.

Dad's parents, unfortunately, passed away many years ago.

Lisa, a talented clarinetist and one of my best friends, died a few years ago. I still think of her often. I wish she could have met Bryan, and I wish that she could have been a bridesmaid.