The Ceremony

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The guests were seating, and the music started.

We all trooped down to the arbor in order:

Graham and Karena
Gareth and Kim
Garth and Garima
Bryan and Deidre

We're told that we practically ran down the aisle. This is entirely possible, since
1. Neither one of us is very comfortable in the spotlight and
2. We do a lot of walking around Toronto together, and we do move pretty fast.

Groomsmen to one side, and bridesmaids to the other...

You may have already read the ceremony, or actually my edited version of the officiant's rough estimation of what he usually says. We wanted all four of our parents to take part. Each one of them did a short reading.

Marilyn Miller read "A Wedding Prayer"
Joe Calarco read two stanzas from Yeat's "When You are Old."
Margot Demarais read an exerpt from Madeleine L'Engle's "The Irrational Season."

We exchanged vows and rings.

We kissed.

We signed the wedding contract.

George Miller read "I'll be there," by Louise Cuddon. Then, we were declared married.

Finally, everyone trooped back up the aisle.

The ceremony was about 1/2 hour long, all told.

I think that I should comment on how I felt and how I reacted at the time, but I can't really remember. I think that I was trying to concentrate and think positive thoughts about the future. And, of course, I was staring at Bryan, because he looked really cute and sweet and sincere.

We didn't realize that the photographer would play such a key role in arranging things and removing crying children. She was a real pro, and was a great help in this wedding planned by a perhaps-too-laid-back amateur. Thank you, Gina.