Bryan's Family

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Okay. Let's start with the arrival of Bryan's family earlier in the week. They all arrived in the evening. They were tired, but they had to stay awake to help avoid jet lag, so we all went out to dinner at Bryan and my favorite pub, Local 4.

Local 4 plug:
We're really lucky to have this place a block from our apartment. They have good beers on tap and make tasty, original cocktails too. Owners Vicky, Theo and Nancy are very hands on and one or more of them is almost always there. It's the kind of place were nobody is a stranger, and the food is sometimes a near religious experience. If you're in Toronto, hang out at Local 4. It's one of the best bars in town. We should know. We've done the research (The Story of How We Met). It's a block north of the Younge-Wellesley subway station, on Dundonald slightly east of Younge.

Anyway, we ate yummy food and drank yummy beer. Theresa Zajac, an old family friend, was there too. She'd been in town for the weekend to help with wedding stuff and to search out a Chinese remedy.

This is a good place to introduce the members of Bryan's family who came to the wedding:

Marilyn Miller

Bryan's Mom

George Miller

Bryan's Dad

Niki Miller

Bryan's little sister

Aunt Wilma

Uncle Ronnie

Aunt Linda

Cousin Jordanne

Cousin Ben

Cousin Ross

Aunt Bronwyn