Bryan's friends Jo and Craig live in a small town near Canterbury. We visited them before flying up to Scotland for Christmas.

We spent half a day at the cathedral. The 6 pound entrance fee is well worth it. The cathedral is magnificant, and they're now allowing photos to be taken of the interior (previously, you had to purchase a special license). Luckily, I had my mini, purse-sized tripod with me. It would have been difficult to shoot in the low interior light otherwise, and a flash would have been close to useless because of the building's size and complexity. However, it's absolutely impossible to capture a realistic view of the cathedral in a picture.

I was really feeling the limitations of my digital camera (or any camera, for that matter) - the limited depth of field and the radius of the lens were painfully obvious. These were taken with my Olympus C-740 Ultrazoom, which I bought refurbished for $220 two years ago. This camera is in rough shape, as it was used in building inspections for over a year and the lens cap has been missing almost since the beginning. The lens is the equivalent to a 38-380mm lens on a 35mm camera, and is good quality. However, it's scratched from its life without a cap. I should have brought my old 1970s Minolta SLR, but I was being lazy.

You really have to see Canterbury Cathedral yourself to get the full effect. It's a mind bogglingly impressive building, in addition to its religious and historical significance.

The Canterbury Cathedral was in pretty much its final form by the year 1500. About half of it was already in place by the year 1200. It's old, it's richly detailed, and although it's not visually obvious, it's in need of a $100,000,000 (50m pounds) renovation. Acid rain is causing the stone carvings to deteriorate, and even the interior stonework is starting to crumble. Also, the cathedral needs reroofing - with lead. Apparently, the British government is not paying for the renovation. Why? I don't know. Anyway, they're trying to raise money. When I get a new job, I'll probably pitch in $100, but $100m? Sheesh! Where are they going to get that?

The official Cathedral web site is here, and the fundraising site is here.